Balancing our books

Historically, the Conservative party has avoided any type of written constitution, arguing that it forces the will of today onto future generations.  However, with debt at its current level we are, in effect, doing just that; forcing upon our children and grandchildren a legacy of high tax, high debt and subjugation to the countries to whom we are indebted, such as China and Russia. It’s time to recognise debt as the constitutional instrument that it is, and subject it to a super-majority vote.

Improving public services

Throughout my career I have worked with companies who strive to reduce cost whilst simultaneously improving services: the two are not mutually exclusive.  Just because government is cutting spending does not mean it cannot also work to improve the quality of the services that it provides.

Help for the High Street

The High Street is both a major employer and the heart of local communities.  Small shops trying to compete with the internet are hampered at every turn by excessive taxation and bureaucracy.  I will champion policies to help shop owners in Brent and across Britain.